Our Story

Welcome to Nupur - not your average jewellery store, because we only specialise in anklets. A gorgeous finishing touch to your outfit, to add that extra layer of classiness whilst sacrificing about two coffees to pay for it. 

The story behind Nupur isn't one too different from one that many women like me would have experienced, and it is my story that I want to tell through my brand and anklet range. I don't like to reveal my actual age to my conscious mind, let alone tell my customers about it! But I am of the demographic where arranged marriages back home, in order to move to the UK (for a better life) was very much promoted whilst we were growing up. In fact, many girls were often brought up with the mentality that winning in life was bagging yourself a UK man, much different to what we might tell our daughters - which is to learn, to study, and develop good morals. 

Luckily, I am fortunate in that my chosen husband was an absolute gem, and made my transition to the UK at age 18 much easier than it could have been otherwise. I know that unfortunately, many women don't have the luxury of saying that. Despite this, there are a lot of cultural difficulties thrown into my marriage that I have learnt and developed the confidence to overcome over the past few decades.

What does this have to do with Nupur, you may ask. When I came to the UK, I was 18 - had my first child a year after that. Thrown into a kitchen feeding numerous in-laws and extended family members, with a child to look after despite just being a child - I missed home. Deeply. I missed playing cricket after school with my friends, buying a samosa for lunch at my local village school, and the bounce of the rickshaw that made my nupur jingle. Nupur means anklet, where I'm from. And though my family didn't have much money, this was not a problem because they weren't too expensive to buy. That's if you bought the copper and steel ones like me. I had a huge collection that I grew over my teenage years, and they came with me to the UK. 

I have passed down a lot of my sentimental items to my two daughters. But never had it in me to pass down my nupur collection. Whilst working long hours - hot and sweaty - in my in-law family kitchen, the jingle of my nupur with each step and being able to play my favourite cultural music on the cassette player really did see me through my happiest and darkest of times. My two daughters have grown fond of anklets too - but for other reasons. My eldest calls it a 'baddie' accessory, and my youngest only puts one on when she rolls up her skinny jeans to show off above her Nike Air Forces! They also refuse to wear it on both ankles in the traditional manner that I did, and definitely not the chimey ones with bells on them!

So that is my story. And my story is the reason why 10% of all profits will be donated towards charities that support keeping women in education in Bangladesh. I didn't get to finish my education back home, but I was determined to get some qualifications in this country, and this is what I will always push for in my own children. All anklet choices are hand-sourced, and genuinely something that I could see myself wearing. I know some of the girls nowadays are into 'Y2K' fashion and anklets made of thread and so on - but if I wouldn't wear it myself, I couldn't sell it myself either. 

I hope that any body who purchases from me, really enjoys the products that I am selling and the concept behind my brand. I hope you can find satisfaction in knowing that whilst you have bought something for your own leisure, somewhere far away, you are also helping someone else too. I hope you may also find delight in knowing you are helping me to pursue my own passion for business through an item that is deep-rooted to me.

Lots of love, Nupur xxx